Driving conversion through relevant marketing assets
A small data visualization startup needed to increase asset downloads to drive more leads and inform users about their product
No. 1
Gated content is a key source of information about OmniSci. How might we help people find relevant resources, and in turn bring more leads into our marketing funnel? I led the redesign to improve our Resource Center and increase conversions.
Project Members
Head of Creative and Web
Sr. Director of Marketing
Demand Generation Manager
Front-End Engineer
Sr. UX Designer
My Role
As the UX designer, I led the redesign and incorporated feedback and direction from the marketing stakeholders.
How can a niche B2B startup drive more users to download marketing materials?”
No. 2
Problem Definition
The Need
I facilitated a cross functional workshop to help the group define and align on the project. Using the Lean UX Canvas as a guide I built out a template and set of “sticky notes'' in Figma.
The Activity
This was the team's first remote workshop after leaving the office. It served as a great introduction to Figma for the cross-functional team and set them up to review and comment on future Figma mock-ups.

As a data focused business we value and leverage quantitative data whenever possible. I used Google Analytics to research users who had downloaded resources from OmniSci.
year of data analyzed
user personas identified
key KPI's selected to measure success
No. 3
The Need
How might we display the many resources OmniSci has? How can we pressure test our solutions before we build out the design?
The Activity
I iterated deeply on the card design to bring it into high fidelity. This card was added to our design system and served as the foundation for new patterns like a carousel.

Using the google sheets sync plugin I was able to pressure test our existing cms collection on the design concepts. This helped identify the best solution and inconsistencies in the content.
iterations on card design
iterations on page layout
pieces of content pressure tested
No. 4
Visual Design
The Need
We wanted to create an experience that as the number of resources grew still looked cohesive, unique, and helped guide users.
The Activity
I built out a set of custom icons and an illustration system for resource images. The system included 9 background designs, 4 color options, and 9 composition variations. This results in 324 unique combinations that will sustain this system for its lifetime and reduce workload of production designers.
illustration and icon system
custom icons with variations
image design combinations
No. 5
The Need
How can we leverage this new library across the web to maximize it's impact.
The Activity
I added CTA’s across the site to link to the resource center and leverage the card design and collection on individual pages. We also used the cms collection to pre-filter assets on our industry and platform pages. This helped surface relevant resources to visitors.
reduction in bounce rate
increase in downloads
visitors reaching the resource page